A cooperative working in three fields

Alpha Gec is made of experts.
Whatever HVAC engineering, electricity or maintenance work you need, we commit to offering the best quality.

Many others have already trusted us – why wouldn’t you?

And more…
• C.R.A.M. in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes regions
• Dialysis centree
• Radiotherapy center CROIX-ROUGE
• Castellet Secondary School
• Précoumin Centre in Luc en Provence
• EA/ALAT in Luc en Provence
• Taxation services – Treasury
• Big centres for geriatric care
• Doctors offices
• Centre of A.D.A.P.E.I.
• Local governments
• Multipurpose fitness rooms
• Multimedia library
• Engineering and design departments
• 4-star hotels
• Shops – Pharmacies
• Condominiums
• Police stations in Var
• SDIS in Var (Fire station)
• Car dealerships